The Evacuation at Los Canas is a battle of the Usean Continental War, and would later prove to pave the way for ISAF's overall victory of the war.



ISAF managed to get in contact with several engineers who had worked on Stonehenge a decade earlier. The ISAF told the engineers that, in exchange for information of the schematics of STN, they (and their families) would be given amnesty & be allowed to defect to their side.

However, the Erusean military managed to get a draft of the situation, and subsequently sent fighter jets to destroy the two civilian craft.

Wings of the Protector

The Erusean jets managed to intercept the 2 defector craft, Flight 701 & Flight 702, over the skies of the Los Canas echelon of Chopinburg. However, the ISAF sent top ace Mobius One to escort the aircraft into friendly territory. Furthermore, due to cabin pressure problems, F701 is flying at 6,000 ft., while F702 is flying at 23,000 ft., thus increasing the general difficulty, as players will have to frequently switch between a high aerial and low aerial battle.

After a long, sky-high skirmish, both airliners managed to get to friendly airspace before they could suffer any more damage.


  • A flight officer of Flight 701 is named Kei Nagase. Surprisingly enough, her voice is similar to the Kei Nagase met during the Circum-Pacific War.
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