"Regular forces can reduce losses if you tenderize the base first. If you can't handle that, just fly and be a target."
AWACS Bandog[1]

Operation One Pair was a battle during the Lighthouse War.


Prior to an unknown larger operation, the Osean Defense Forces required more information regarding the anti-air capabilities of the Erusean base situated in Roca Roja. As the Osean Air Defense Force wanted to minimize casualties of its formal pilots, they opted to utilize one of their penal units instead. Members of Spare Squadron were briefed shortly afterward.[1] 


On July 4, 2019, Spare Squadron entered Roca Roja airspace and began destroying Erusean military assets within their base. The squadron—especially Trigger—proved quite effective and Erusea's numbers began to dwindle. Although Spare Squadron was officially barred from utilizing mission logistics earmarked for the conventional follow-up attack, AWACS Bandog authorized mid-mission rearmament. Suffering substantial losses, the Erusean military reinforced the base with squadrons of MQ-99s.

As the dogfight intensified, High Roller took a missile hit and was subsequently shot down by another. A fellow Spare pilot was also shot down, pressuring most of the surviving members into retreating despite Bandog's orders. Trigger began engaging the drones, garnering the attention of his fellow squadmates.

When Bandog confirmed that the damage against the Eruseans was more than satisfactory to him, he allowed the squadron to return home.[1]


The damage caused by Spare Squadron allowed the regular units entry into Roca Roja while encountering less resistance. As for the squadron, some of them were sent to solitary as punishment for crossing the return line.[2]