Operation Override was a two-front operation performed by the United Nations Forces, with assistance from various mercenary groups, against the newly-formed USEA Federation. This operation took place in both Tokyo and Dubai, and it marked the beginning of the USEAn War.


Following the capture of Stonehenge Type-3 in Turkey by anti-United Nations terrorists and its subsequent destruction in mid-July 2019, Eurasian extremists aligned with the USEA Federation launched a campaign of armed uprisings in cities across Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Asian Federation.

Between early and late July, former Wernher and Noah Enterprises military representative Kacper Cohen, who had assumed as commander of the USEA Federation, released a video announcing his intention of "unifying humanity" to counter the threat of fragments of 1986VG1 Ulysses lingering in the Earth's atmosphere and declaring the UN to have failed in post-Ulysses Disaster reconstruction duties on account of the Greymen's intervention.

In response to Cohen's rebellion, the United Nations Security Council authorized the start of operations by the UNF and UN Independent Commando Services against USEA forces in the Far East and the Persian Gulf. The first mission of the campaign, titled Operation Override, had the goal of liberating Tokyo in Japan and Dubai on the United Arab Emirates from the Usean occupation. The start of the campaign was announced by an official UN message published on August 1.


Tokyo siege[]

Far Eastern Front

A Ridgeback Squadron member downing an aircraft

Operation Override was officially launched on August 15, two weeks after the United Nations' announcement. The two main operations of the campaign, the invasion of Tokyo and the mission on Dubai, were carried out within hours of each other and involved a mass deployment of air and ground UN troops on both fronts. The USEA Federation set up large occupational forces on the two cities in anticipation to Operation Override. Prior to the attack, Arrows Air Defense and Security were approached by the UNSC and offered the chance to participate on the campaign, which they accepted.

The attack on Tokyo began at 17:30PM JST with an assault by UN ground troops, including commando teams led by Lieutenant Bertz and Sergeant Collins, who had previously survived the failed rescue of the Greymen in Operation Fogbound and Stonehenge's destruction. UN Air Force and UNICS aircraft, including Arrows' Bone Arrow Squadron and the Ridgeback Squadron entered Tokyo airspace shortly afterwards. Arrows' Goodfellow planned for the unit to gain reputation for the company, while Ridgebacks leader Slash sought to claim revenge for Bone Arrow's destruction of Stonehenge. As the operation started, the Bone Arrow and Ridgeback squadron engaged a large combined force of air, ground and maritime forces, including a large concentration of ground forces in the Shinjuku subcenter district and a naval force providing them with support fire from on the oceanside. In addition to provide air superiority to the UN ground forces, they also obtained air superiority over the Joto crater zone. The balance of the battle rapidly shifted to the UN forces' favor.


Bone Arrow versus Butterfly Master over Tokyo

Reaper facing off against the Butterfly Master

As the battle continued, a single Aigaion-class heavy command cruiser and a flight of escort fighters were detected flying at high altitude over Tokyo's airspace. A single QFA-44 Carmilla and a group of MQ-90L combat UAVs were launched from the Aigaion. Bone Arrow Squadron and Ridgeback Squadron were ordered to engage the QFA-44, dubbed "Butterfly Master" by Goodfellow, and the rest of the drones, while the rest of the UN air forces were directed to attacked the command cruiser.

Since the laser weaponry on the MQ-90Ls automatically intercepted and destroyed any missiles that approached the QFA-44, the squadrons engaged the UAVs directly first. Eager to get his revenge against Reaper, Slash ordered his squadron to break formation to engage the UAVs. While the first flight of UAVs was successfully destroyed, another pair of MQ-90Ls appeared and damaged the wing of Slash's aircraft, forcing him to bail out. While he was successful, a laser attack from the UAVs targeted him directly as he descended on his parachute, killing him instantly.

Aigaion Eastern Front

Reaper and Omega below the Aigaion

Shocked and angered by the incident, Bone Arrow and the survivors of the Ridgeback Squadron continued to engage the UAVs, shooting them down. After a dogfight, Reaper shot down the QFA-44, as Omega commented on the apparently superhuman maneuvrability of the enemy fighter.

With the flight of fighters down, Bone Arrow and the Ridgebacks were directed to attack the damaged Aigaion heavy command cruiser. After a short battle, Reaper shot down Aigaion, further establishing his reputation as an ace pilot among allied and enemy forces alike.


Operation Override was a costly battle for both sides. Although they dealt heavy damage to the USEA Federation forces, the UN forces also suffered heavy casualties, including Slash and Lieutenant Bertz. It was also a turning point of the war. All Arrows units and regular UNF squadrons, including the Ridgebacks, were disbanded and regrouped into the Task Force 118 Arrowblades. It also marked the beginning of Operation Eternal Liberation.