For the operation during the A World With No Boundaries conflict, see Operation Point Blank.
This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Avalon (mission).

Operation Point Blanc was an attack operation performed by the United Nations Forces against the USEA Federation, who had taken control of the Avalon Dam in Russia and were preparing an ICBM launch.


In March 3, 2020, the UNF discovered an large-scale experimental missile site in the Area M3A, a straddling border between Russia and Mongolia. Housing at least 5 ICBM missiles in the Avalon Dam, Russia once in the possession by Wernher and Noah Enterprises. Usean armed forces are gathering around the site to protect Avalon Dam. The dam lake was completely drained, revealing the missile site and array of anti-air installations. The UNF deployed an AL-1B missile interceptor in Russian airspace in case if one of the ICBM missiles was launched from the Avalon Dam. But the UNF decided that the ICBM must be destroyed. The Task Force 118 were asked to neutralize the site before the Usean forces can launch any ICBMs.


The Arrowblades led by the Reaper headed through from the Russian side into the canyon. They must maintain low altitude otherwise they will picked up by enemy radar. Once the Arrowblades come out of the canyon, UNF Marine Commandos will enter the facility and disable the security system in order to open the underground passages for Reaper to destroy four ICBM launch bays. Avalon's staff managed to launch the real ICBM, set to strike Washington, D.C., prompting Reaper to shoot it down before it reaches the upper atmosphere.


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