"Too bad buddy, this twisted game needs to be reset. We'll start over from 'Zero' with this V2 and entrust the future to the next generation."

Operation Point Blank was a large attack operation performed by the Allied Forces against the terrorist organization A World With No Boundaries, and its V2 launch facility at Avalon Dam.


With the discovery of the V2 launch facility, as well as the knowledge of an existing V2 preparing for take-off, the Allied Forces wasted no time in sending fighters to Avalon to end the threat that A World With No Boundaries posed. Galm Team was the center of this operation.

It was discovered that AWWNB had set up a major anti-air defense network above the canyon leading into the facility. In order to protect Cipher and PJ, the other Allied planes decided to draw the attack from above. It was pure suicide, but if it got the two pilots through, it was worth it.


The Valley of Kings[]

The operation began as Cipher and PJ entered the canyon at low altitude and flew past the anti-air defenses within the canyon itself. Allied planes were being shot down one after the next, and by the time Galm made it to the V2 facility, almost all Allied planes were gone. However, they did reach the facility. The remaining Allied planes continued to draw fire from above, distracting anti-air units and AWWNB pilots in the area.

Cipher took it upon himself to halt the V2's launch; there were three control devices hidden deep inside the dam itself through a network of tunnels, and Cipher would have to fly inside to stop the launch. Each control device was hidden by four locks, and once the locks were destroyed the device itself would rise from the ground. Cipher entered the tunnels and destroyed all three control devices with ease. PJ began to cheer that the war was over at last and they had stopped the V2 launch.


By this time, all remaining Allied planes except for PJ and Cipher (and AWACS Eagle Eye in the distance) had been shot down, but most every AWWNB unit was also destroyed, save for one. Pixy had shown up in the battle area, and fired a laser at Cipher and PJ. Cipher did not have enough time to react, but PJ jinked hard to the left to dodge the laser; unfortunately, it wasn't enough, and PJ was shot down.

As Cipher attacked Pixy's unknown plane, Eagle Eye ran data analysis on the aircraft. Pixy consistently fired the powerful laser, no doubt similar in construction to the laser cannon Excalibur destroyed a few months prior, but eventually Cipher managed to destroy the small laser cannon on top of Pixy's plane.

Eagle Eye's analysis confirmed that Pixy still had manual control of the V2 missile even with the control facilities destroyed. With the laser gone, Pixy changed weapons and began to fire Multi-Purpose Burst Missiles at Cipher. The burst missiles had a blast radius of 2,500 feet and could destroy anything in a matter of seconds. However, soon enough Cipher managed to destroy the burst missile launcher on the underside of the plane. Once he did so, Pixy launched the V2 missile, much to Eagle Eye's distress.

Eagle Eye informed Cipher that Pixy was controlling the ADFX-02 Morgan aircraft, and aside from its destroyed weaponry, it had just activated an ECM jamming unit which would repel any enemy fire. The jammer's only weakness was in the plane's front air intake, so Cipher began to fire at Pixy from head-on, making multiple passes until eventually, the plane exploded. With the loss of communication to the Morgan, the V2 missile exploded harmlessly in the atmosphere.


Even though every Allied pilot, save for Cipher, was shot down, the Allied Forces had successfully prevented the V2 from killing any innocent people.

Cipher himself was quite likely given a hero's welcome at Valais Air Base, but he disappeared very shortly after; his whereabouts, or whether he is still alive or not, are unknown.

Pixy survived the battle; his wounds were tended to by habitants of villages near the Waldreich Mountains' nuclear craters. Ten years later, he re-entered the battlefield, seeing combat in the Continental War.


  • In later years, Osea would make use of the laser weaponry on the Arkbird, while Yuktobania would make use of the burst missiles on the Scinfaxi and Hrimfaxi submarines. Officially, the two countries gained this technology from Belka in the peace treaty, but they weren't observed in actual battle until Pixy's engagement.
    • The burst missile was also spotted during the Continental War. Some believe that Belka secretly supplied Erusea with various weapons, including the burst missile technology.
  • Pixy and Cipher attacking each other from head-on has been compared to jousting, where the combatants always attack each other from head-on.
  • Both the date of this operation and Operation Arcadia are the same: December 31, which is New Year's Eve.
  • The name of the operation is shared with Point Blank, a video game made by Namco.