The Battle of Mund Valley also known as the Battle of Avalon Dam or Operation Point Blank was the final battle between the Osean-Ustian allied forces, and the terrorist group known as the A World With No Boundaries. This led to the climatic battle between the original Galm Team leader "Cipher" and former wingman "Solo Wing Pixy".


DATE: 15:00 12/31/1995
AREA: Avalon Dam

I'll transmit the latest data we've received from the Allied Forces.

According to this, the dam is protected by an intensive antiaircraft defensive network. To deal with this, the Allied squadron will draw antiaircraft fire to itself in the skies. Meanwhile, Galm team will join the Allied squadron's Avalon Dam strike team and approach the dam at low-altitude through the canyon. That's the only way we stand a chance at succeeding. If you destroy the V2 launch control facility, you should be able to stop the weapon from being fired. The V2 will probably be equipped with a nuclear warhead. The destruction caused by its single warhead will most likely dwarf the damage inflicted by that tactical nuclear attack before. All the Allied Forces will be mobilized for this full scale operation. It seems this war doesn't want to come to an end.

We must stop the V2 launch!


The Setup

After the official end of the Belkan War, the terrorist organization known as A World With No Boundaries bombed the South Belkan city of Lumen, on Christmas Day, 1995. Shortly there after it was found that AWWNB had in their possession a nuclear experimental V2 Multiple Independently-Target able Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). The Allies hastily drew up a plan to attack the location of the V2, which resided within Avalon Dam.

The Valley of Kings

The Allied plan called for a massive air assault on the ravine leading up to Avalon Dam to allow friendly planes through. Most of the Allied force was used as diversion for the many terrorist aerial forces and advanced SAM systems designed to shoot down any plane which did not appear as a friendly in their Identification Friend-or-Foe (IFF) systems.

Many Allied squadrons fell to the constant barrage of fire from the SAM systems and the many terrorist flights defending the installation, however, Ustio's famed mercenary squadron Galm managed to infiltrate Avalon Dam, past the defenses of the ravine and the many terrorist squadrons. Now it was time for the impossible.

Cipher, Galm flight's leader, had to dive into openings in Avalon Dam which housed a system of tunnels that housed the V2 systems, which allowed for a launch from the facility. After several dives into the facility, destroying AA fire from AAA guns in the complex and bearing through AWWNB propaganda, Cipher managed to destroy all three V2 systems, which caused for the inability of AWWNB to launch the V2 from Avalon Dam.


With the facility damaged and the V2 systems destroyed, there was no possible way for AWWNB to launch their V2. It seemed the terrorist plot had been completely foiled, however, a unidentified flying object (UFO) was spotted approaching to Galm Team's position at high speed. A Chemical Laser was fired, intending to hit Galm 1 from head on, however, PJ, Galm 1's wingman, flew into the path of the beam, destroying his F-16C upon impact.The UFO was a Belkan super fighter, named ADFX-02 Morgan. The person who used this aircraft is none other than Pixy, Cipher's old wingman. After which, Pixy and Galm 1 dueled over the skies of Avalon, the first battle was fought with Pixy using a TLS pod. After the pod was destroyed, his MPBM's were Solo Wing's weapon of choice for the second battle, yet Cipher defeated him again. The third battle was the toughest of all, as Pixy's ECMP created a barrier that prevented any solid weaponry from penetrating the rear of his plane forcing Galm 1 to "joust", this battle was also difficult as Pixy launched his V2 Nuclear MIRV Missile. After shooting down Pixy one last time the V2 self-destructed.


After the incident, AWWNB conceded defeat, and the war was officially over. However, the threat of the V2 wasn't over. In fact, it was just the beginning...


This operation has the only one non-ace enemy F-22 in the entire game. The plane can be found at the South of Avalon Dam after you reached Avalon.

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