All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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"It's absolute chaos out there. The Eruseans are even starting to fight amongst themselves."
Osean sailor[1]

Operation Reflux, referred to by Erusean radicals as Operation Feeding Time, and to Erusean conservatives as Operation No Return, was a large-scale battle during the Lighthouse War.[1]

Operation Reflux was carried out by the Long Range Strategic Strike Group in order to acquire the means to better defend themselves. The operation later involved rescuing Osean forces across Tyler Island. Following the completion of the main operation, the LRSSG aided in saving trapped civilians.[1]

Operation Feeding Time was carried out by the Erusean radicals, who aimed to resupply their last remaining Arsenal Bird. The resupply operation was to be carried out by launching supply ships from the mass driver located on the island.[1]

Operation No Return was carried out by Erusean conservatives. It was a bombing operation aimed at wiping out Osea's and Erusean radicals' forces on the island, in addition to destroying the mass driver.[1]


By August 2019, Osean and Erusean forces were already fighting for control over Tyler Island.[2]

By October 10, Osean forces were thrown on the back foot while the lack of communications led to numerous friendly fire incidents. Erusean forces also began to fight among themselves.[1] Meanwhile, the Osean Long Range Strategic Strike Group chose to head to Tyler Island after taking Farbanti in an effort to regroup with other Osean forces and resupply. However, unbeknownst to them, after the anti-satellite strikes, Osean forces were in a rout.


Operation Reflux

"Let's help retreating Osean forces. Take out any hostiles in their area."
AWACS Long Caster[1]

While approaching Tyler Island, AWACS Long Caster made contact with Osean landing ships, who requested that the Long Range Strategic Strike Group help Osean forces scattered across the island with retreating. After being updated on the current situation on Tyler, Strider and Cyclops Squadrons began assisting various units across the island.[1]

Operation No Return

"Don't aim. We're doing strategic bombing."
― Erusean pilot[1]

While the Osean and Erusean radicals fought on Tyler, rebel bomber squadrons and their escorts approached the island in an attempt carpet bomb the mass driver. To prevent casualties to Osean forces and civilians, all bombers were shot down by Strider and Cyclops before they could reach Tyler and begin bombing the island and its mass driver.[1]

After completing the main operation, the LRSSG was contacted by Avril Mead, who asked Trigger to help rescue a group of refugees that were trapped by the Radicals' forces in exchange for information. Despite Mead trying to stop her, Rosa Cossette D'Elise threw a smoke canister to signal the LRSSG. This, however, also drew the attention of the nearby Erusean forces and the group quickly came under fire. Strider and Cyclops then eliminated the Radicals around the refugees were extreme precision. Following this, Mead informed Long Caster of Operation Feeding Time by sharing information she acquired from a defecting Erusean soldier.[1]

Operation Feeding Time

"There's still one Arsenal Bird left. If we can fill it full of bombs, then Erusea will have a fighting chance."
― Erusean controller[1]

Amidst the chaos, the Erusean radicals launched the supply ships from the mass driver in order to supply the remaining Arsenal Bird. The two supply ships were chased by Strider and Cyclops Squadrons and subsequently destroyed by Trigger.[1]


Even though Osean forces had successfully evacuated, the LRSSG was low on supplies and began planning for methods of acquiring necessities. Meanwhile, Avril Mead, Tabloid, D'Elise, Georg, other elements of Spare Squadron, and the civilian refugees boarded a ship and headed towards the International Space Elevator.[1]