This article is about the military operation. For the Osean ship during the Lighthouse War, see OFS Silver Eye.

"Blaze, how you feelin'? Solo flights can be real lonely... but that's what flying is all about, really."
Wolfgang Buchner

Operation Silvereye was a recon operation performed by Blaze at Mount Schirm, Belka.[1]


After the successful rescue of president Harling, the OFS Andromeda continued to monitor Yuktobanian transmissions. Eventually, the Andromeda received an encrypted message that contained the coordinates of a mine at Mount Schirm. [1]


Blaze's mission was to take pictures of the mining complex. After flying through the radar network that was protecting the mine, he took pictures of the mine and the transports. Pops, who was watching from a support camera on Blaze's plane, noticed that 8492nd Squadron fighters and planes with Yuktobanian markings were preparing to take off from an airfield near the mine. After Blaze took photos of the fighters, he fled from the area. [1]


After Blaze returned to Kirwin Island, his photos were analyzed in order to find the reason that the mine was active.[1]