Operation Stone Age was a covert Allied Forces operation. Its aim was to eliminate rebel Belkan forces that failed to recognize the temporary cease-fire.


One week after the nuclear detonations over Belka, the Allied Forces and Belka declared a momentary ceasefire, with both sides preparing for negotiations over ending the war. However, some Belkan forces refuse to accept the ceasefire and intend to continue the war. In response, the Allied Forces deploy Galm Team to stamp out the rebels. With Pixy listed as MIA, PJ from Crow Team is reassigned to Galm Team, assisting Cipher as Galm 2.


Most of the rebel forces were taking refuge in the mining area of Mt. Schirm, so the Allies decided to send the Galm Team to this area. The nearby Heierlark Air Force Base, located in Osean territory, was set up to assist in any refueling or rearming.

The operation itself was very extended, as the troops were stationed all over the combat area. There were many air squadrons patrolling the skies, and countless anti-aircraft artillery fire from the ground.

At the north of Mount Schirm, however, was an airfield next to a mine. The airfield itself was launching two transport planes and had a humongous empty hangar. The purposes of these were unknown, but Cipher shot down the transports and destroyed the hangar anyway.

Soon enough, the rebels gave up and retreated. They weren't through yet, but they were very weakened after the battle.


This was a minor victory for the Allied Forces; the rebels did not surrender yet, and were still preparing for further battles.

The purposes of the hangar and the transport planes weren't realized until six months later during Operation Valkyrie.