This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Pipeline Destruction (AC7).
"Destroy everything in sight."
AWACS Bandog[1]

Operation Three of a Kind was a strategic strike carried out by Osea against Erusean drone refueling facilities in Artiglio Port during the Lighthouse War.[1]


In order to reduce the threat of drones such as those seen during Operation Two Pairs, Colonel D. McKinsey drew up a plan to destroy Erusean fuel supplies in Artiglio Port.[1]


On July 22, 2019, Spare Squadron began their attack on the fuel facilities in Artiglio Port, and managed to inflict substantial damage prior to the arrival of the sandstorm, Inessa 2.[1]

Despite destroying most of the fuel at the base, numerous trucks loaded up with oil managed to escape into the sandstorm. In order to destroy them, Spare flew into sandstorm in order to seek out the transports and destroy them. During the battle, Count flew near the operational boundry, allegedly drawing multiple Erusean Air Force drones to Artiglio. The drones then engaged Spare. Despite this, Trigger still managed to destroy all the trucks.[1]


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