"Ground zero. No signs of life..."
Patrick James Beckett

Operation Valkyrie, also known as the Second Battle of Waldreich Mountains, was an emergency operation carried out by the Allied Forces to destroy the XB-0 Hresvelgr heavy command cruiser.


Six months after the peace treaty ending the Belkan War was signed, the terrorist organization A World With No Boundaries revealed themselves to the world. Their aim was to end all wars by removing the concept of borders. They had stolen the XB-0 from Belka a few months prior, and decided to bomb the city of Lumen, where the treaty was signed. The Galm Team, coming back from a six-month hiatus, was tasked with chasing down and destroying the XB-0 before it disappeared off of Allied radar.


Right when the Galm Team was about to launch, the XB-0 showed up at Valais Air Base and heavily damaged the base's defenses and facilities. Most of the runways were destroyed save for one, where Cipher and PJ launched from. By the time they were in the air, the XB-0 was already flying over the Waldreich Mountains' nuclear craters and escaping north.

When Cipher and PJ engaged the XB-0, the Espada Team, who were flying escort, defended it. After some confusion (seeing as how Espada was a fighter squadron out of Sapin), AWACS Eagle Eye approved of the fight against them. Eventually Cipher and PJ shot both Espada pilots down. They then engaged the XB-0s anti-air defenses, its engines, and finally its cockpit, ultimately destroying the heavy command cruiser.

An F-15C Eagle flew past the XB-0 shortly before it crashed into the mountains. It sent an encrypted message over the radio before withdrawing from the airspace, and PJ deciphered the message to read: "Yo Buddy, you still alive?" They immediately realized that it was Larry Foulke who had sent it, indicating he had survived Operation Ravage. However, he had already retreated from the airspace, prompting Cipher and PJ to let him go and land at Valais.


Lumen and Valais Air Base were at least moderately damaged, but with the XB-0 destroyed, A World With No Boundaries had no central base. The Allied Forces immediately began searching for the remainder of AWWNB's forces to rid the world of their threat.


  • In real life, "Operation Valkyrie" was a conspiracy among German military to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1944.
  • The XB-0 being in an operation titled Valkyrie could be an allusion to the XB-70 Valkyrie.
  • This mission takes place on December 25, which is Christmas Day in the real world.