"Everyone here's already signed their wills."
Basilisk 1[1]
"That ain't funny."

Operation Werewolf was an operation carried out by the Long Range Strategic Strike Group to seize control of the Cape Rainy airbase from the Eruseans. This marked the final stage of the LRSSG's long-range attack strategy for attacking Farbanti.[1]


The destruction of Erusea's missile silos at Sierraplata allowed allied forces to advance closer to Farbanti. Following the destruction of the Alicorn during Operation Fisherman, these efforts to capture the Erusean capital resumed. The LRSSG now set their sights on Cape Rainy airbase, a strategic target in its attack strategy. Strider and Cyclops Squadrons would infiltrate via the ravine to maintain the element of surprise. Once near the airbase, they would neutralize air and ground threats, clearing the way for Basilisk Team, an Osean Marine force.[1]


Under the cover of darkness, the fighters flew into the ravine and kept their altitude below 600 meters. Along the way, they evaded searchlights lighting up parts of the ravine.[1]

Upon arriving at the airbase, the fighters commenced the attack. Many Erusean planes were destroyed before takeoff, as well as anti-air emplacements. When Basilisk arrived and began its assault, the airbase's complement of ground forces were scrambled to thwart their attack. But even with the arrival of enemy reinforcements, the Oseans managed to seize the airbase.[1]


With the capture of the airbase, the Oseans now had a frontline base from which they could attack Farbanti and bring an end to the war.[1]