"Dammit, I'm being shot at from nowhere!"
Aurelian Air Force pilot

Optical camouflage is a type of camouflage designed to conceal vehicles and aircraft through refraction of light, making them nearly invisible to the naked eye.



The optical camouflage system has been researched in various methods, and it was successfully applied onto Gleipnir as an active system. It is well known as Retro-reflective Projection Technology (RPT), a technology that takes in the background of the fuselage with the receiving optical element of CCD and the like, converting to image with the luminous organic element, EL, and the like that is laid on the fuselage surface and starts projecting. The surface of the image panel and the prism is covered in the crystallized deflection lens of the ceramics. The optical camouflage is actualized when only the projected side of the fuselage is seen.

The concept is relatively simple, but it reveals another big problem. When it starts projecting the image, the emitter happens to be full, the amount mass of the electricity system generation and the chart surface processing material which produces electric power in order to maintain the lightness are piled up, pushes the gross weight of Gleipnir’s fuselage. Because the scale of the system is large, if the mechanism deviates, it suddenly decreases function chain of the system. That turns out to be the weak point of Gleipnir. In addition, the meta substance (operating the nano-structure like molecular structure in method of optical camouflage, the artificial compound which can adjust electromagnetic quality such as reflection and crookedness of radio wave and light etc.) uses electric magnetic radiation such as visible light which tries to diverse around the object.

Aurelian War

The optical camouflage, together with SWBM and the Shock Cannon, was first known to be deployed in the Gleipnir during the Aurelian War in 2020. While the Gleipnir could not maintain its optical camouflage while firing the SWBM or the Shock Cannon, its stealth gave much surprise to the Aurelian military, and dealt great damage when they least expected.

The Gleipnir's optical camouflage rendered radar and missile tracking ineffective, but one could track the Gleipnir's location by finding visual distortions in the air. The camouflage system was vulnerable to enemy's blind fire. Sustaining too much damage while it was active would cause it to fail.

The technology was also transferred to the Fenrir towards the end of the war. However, due to the Fenrir's compact size, it must rely on microwave emitted from the nearby bases' electrical transmitter to power its optical camouflage. Depending on the situation, this threat was countered by destroying the electrical transmitter with the help of a landing force, or with the Aurelian satellite survelliance system tracking the Fenrirs' locations (albeit not to full effect).

With the destruction of the Gleipnir and the Fenrirs, further use of the Retro-reflective Projection Technology was not known after the end of the war.