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(1961-1995) Major Orbert Jager (Jager pronounced as "yager" and is the German word for hunter) was the flight leader of the Belkan Air Force 23rd Tactical Fighter Squadron Gelb. Not much is known about this man, other that he had a close relationship with his only wingman, Rainer Altman; the two executed complicated combat maneuvers with perfection, thus earning them the nickname of "The Couple Cormorants".

On May 21, 1995, the squadron was deployed over Ustio's capital Directus, as a last measure following Operation: Constantine, which culminated with the capital's (and the country's) liberation from Belkan hegemony. They were intercepted by the 66th AFU Galm, and the couple was shot down over the skies of Directus. Altman managed to eject from his craft; his lead wasn't so lucky, and died fighting over the skies of Ustio.

Gelb Team was stretched too thin by Belkan command, having flown 5 sorties on the same day. Lack of maintenance between sorties is commonly regarded as Orbert Jager's cause of death.

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