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The Orgoi was an airborne aircraft carrier during the Valahia crisis and Golden Axe Plan crisis.


Valahia Crisis

Developed under unknown circumstances, the Orgoi was one of the two giant aircraft fielded by the Valahia under Andre Olivieri's orders during their insurrection. A lone unit attacked the Japanese capital of Tokyo days after the siege of the Spiridus in the opening day of the Valahia Crisis, and was engaged by Martinez Security and the Japanese military. Despite its unusual agility, it was destroyed by the Antares Squadron, and safely sunk into Tokyo Bay.

Golden Axe Plan Crisis

After the destruction of the Valahia's headquarters in Romania and Fredric Burford's discovery of the Golden Axe Plan, a fleet of three Orgois operated by Golden Axe Plan Private Army were sent to kill Antares One and Burford's AWACS at their base in Midway Island. However, Antares survived their initial attack on the island and successfully destroyed the entire airborne carriers, which was also attacking the friendly fleet that was heading to Martinez Security's base.


The runways of an Orgoi

An airborne aircraft carrier, the Orgoi is an airship physically resembling an enlarged B-2A Spirit bomber with crooked outer wings. It was intended to complement the Spiridus' raw firepower with the ability of ferrying fighter squadrons, deploying them through an exposed hangar in its rear section. Despite their size, they were highly agile, easily hovering into stalling speeds and moving sideways if needed.

Orgois are armed with an assortment of anti-air guns and missile launchers on their airframe, along with a weapons bay for air-to-surface attacks on their underside. They are powered by two giant engines on their trailing edges that emit purple flames, hinting at an extreme temperature output.


  • The extreme agility of the Orgoi is possibly inspired by the Arkbird of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, which was known to suffer a glitch in the mission "White Bird (Part II)"  that would make it behave as a common fighter, enhancing its mobility and making it near impossible to destroy.