The Orgoi (オルゴイ Orugoi) is an airborne aircraft carrier introduced in Ace Combat: Joint Assault.


Valahia conflict

Tokyo attack

In late 2010, the Japanese capital of Tokyo was invaded by the terrorist group Valahia, using a heavy command cruiser named "Spiridus" to bombard the city. However, the mercenaries of Martinez Security, in conjunction with the Japanese Self-Defense Force manage to force the ship to flee through battle damage. Days after the assault, Tokyo suffered a second attack, this time conducted by the Orgoi, a smaller sister ship. The Antares Squadron launched and engaged the ship, which proved itself to be more than a match thanks to its unusual maneuverability. However, it failed to hold off the PMCs, and was eventually shot down, crashing in the waters of Tokyo Bay.

Midway attack

The Orgoi would remain out of sight until the later stages of the conflict, following the destruction of the Valahia's headquarters in Romania. In June 10, 2011, a pair of Orgois controlled by the Golden Axe Plan Private Army raided an abandoned airbase in Midway, where Antares Squadron and commander Fredric Burford were hiding, followed by another pair attacking a fleet of supply ships headed towards the base. However, all ships were destroyed at the end.


The Orgoi is a large airborne aircraft carrier, resembling an oversized B-2A Spirit bomber in appearance. It is propelled by two large engines, and is armed with a number of anti-air machine guns and SAM launchers. The aircraft has a weapons bay located in its underbelly.


  • If you take a closer look to the back part of the Orgoi's main fuselage, there will be 2 Runways similar to
    Orgoi's runways

    Orgoi's runways

    the ones on P-1112 Aigaion. It is unknown if the Orgoi have aircraft carrying capability, but there is a possibility that the Orgoi can carry aircraft and launch them in mid air the same as the Aigaion.
  • The player encounters a total of four Orgois in the game.
  • The Orgoi maybe is the only airborne fortress to have a high mobility when flying.
  • The Orgoi may also be the only one to be able to do V/STOL,as seen that it can move side to side.
  • Out of all airborne fortresses in AC this is the smallest in size.
  • It is also the only airborne fortress in the AC series produced more than two times.
  • The F-22A Raptor shares the last Orgoi's color scheme as the 5th color, suggesting that the last Orgoi had provisions for storing and launching F-22s (unconfirmed).
  • The last Orgoi left at Midway will turn upside down, which no other will ever do.
  • The glitch of the Arkbird in Ace Combat 5 was programmed into the Orgoi.
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