"Even if this turns into a ground war, I am prepared to fight for this island to the bitter end."
― Perrault to Wardog Squadron[1]

Colonel Orson Perrault (オーソン・ペロー Ōson Perō) was an Osean Air Defense Force officer and base commander of Sand Island Air Force Base during the Circum-Pacific War. Perrault was a patriotic man with a poor sense of humor; he often berated low-ranked officers and was derisively referred to as the "emperor" of Sand Island.[2]


Perrault was born in the Osean Federation in 1962.[3] At some point, he joined the Osean Air Defense Force and ascended to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. By late September 2010, he had been promoted to Colonel and was serving as commanding officer of Sand Island. As base commander, Perrault was privy to the operations undertaken by Wardog Squadron, especially during the 2010 Osean airspace intrusions, and presided over pre-flight briefings.

On October 4, Yuktobania attempted an amphibious invasion of Sand Island. Perrault ordered all available aircraft into battle (including the inexperienced rookies that Wardog had brought back from McNealy Air Force Base[1]) and organized the island's ground defenses. Perrault was consequently criticized by his airmen for putting the rookies in harm's way;[4] the Wardog pilots' poor regard for Perrault only grew after the devastating losses from the Scinfaxi's burst missiles.

Sometime before 0132hrs on December 7, Perrault's adjutant, Major Allen C. Hamilton, convinced him that 2nd Lieutenant Peter N. Beagle was a Yuktobanian spy. Hamilton's case rested on the fact that Jack Bartlett—who Hamilton also accused of being a spy due to his disappearance after the events of Operation Gyre—had claimed that Beagle was his squadron leader back in 1995. Upon further investigation, Perrault discovered that Beagle had no military record to support Bartlett's claim.[5]

When Beagle, Albert Genette, and Hans Grimm conveniently entered his office, Perrault questioned Beagle and confronted him with the evidence against him. He then drew an M9 pistol on Beagle and reached for the intercom button to alert base security. Suddenly, the three men made a rush for the door; Perrault fired several rounds, but missed. Even after they had exited his line of fire, Perrault continued firing until his magazine was emptied. Now fully convinced that the Wardog pilots were in league with Beagle as well, Perrault placed Sand Island's security on high alert and locked down the hangars to cut off any possible means of escape.[5]

Perrault eventually ceased to be commander of Sand Island when it was decommissioned after the war.[6]



Perrault's Briefing System ID during the Circum-Pacific War is "islandking", which corresponds to his arrogant attitude and his commanding position in Sand Island[1].