"The Belkan War is shrouded in mystery. But now, a decade after the peace accords, a portion of the records was finally released. I quickly got a hold of it."
Brett Thompson, Warriors and the Belkan War

The Osean Broadcasting Corporation (OBC) is an Osean public news broadcaster. The OBC provides news reporting and informative documentaries in nations across the continent, including the Osean Federation, Belka, Sapin, Aurelia, and Leasath.


Over its history, the OBC has covered numerous world conflicts, particularly those taking place on the Osean continent. Such conflicts include the Belkan War in 1995, the Circum-Pacific War in 2010, and the Aurelian War in 2020. The OBC has access to many resources[2][3] and employs multiple reporters, including Brett Thompson and freelancer Albert Genette. It can be inferred that the OBC is a well-respected (and well-connected) news broadcaster across the continent.

The corporation's logo consists of the letters O-B-C on a black background, enclosed within a rounded rectangle; the letter C is the logo's only colored component and features the visible light spectrum.

Notable reporting




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