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"Osea pissed lots of people off with their huge military presence around the world."
Avril Mead[1]

The Osean Defense Forces (or Osean Defense Force[2]) are the collective military forces of the Osean Federation. It is considered to be the largest military in the world. The Defense Forces are managed by the Osean Ministry of Defense.[citation needed]



All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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In 2001, Osea began reorganizing its military force partly due to the backlash from the Belkan War of 1995. The population of Osea were in shock after the June 6 nuclear attacks and started opposing military actions. The restructuring was completed in 2006, and it was during this 5-year period that the modern Osean Defense Forces was formed.

The ODF became the guardians of Osea, protecting its borders from any hostile actions. However, as a result of the peace dividend, when Vincent Harling was elected President, his administration instituted a series of budget cuts. These cuts, on top of the massive downsizing, drastically reduced the ODF's ability to react to acts of aggression against Osea.


Classified Pre-War Engagements

On September 24, 2010, several unidentified fighter aircraft entered Osean airspace. When the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron (aka Wardog Squadron) was sent to intercept them, they attacked without warning. There were several trainee pilots in the area, all but one of them were killed, the sole survivor being then-2nd Lt. Kei Nagase. Of the instructors with them, two were killed. The only instructor known to survive was Captain Jack Bartlett, the squadron commander, though there may have been another instructor that survived.

The same day, Bartlett, Nagase, and the two trainees that hadn't been in the fight (then-2nd Lt. Alvin H. Davenport and a pilot known only as "Blaze") were sent to intercept another unidentified aircraft, an SR-71 Blackbird spy plane. After ordering it to land, Wardog was jumped by more MiG fighters. Though AWACS Thunderhead ordered them not to engage, Bartlett commanded his pilots to engage, as they had been attacked first. All the MiGs were shot down. Both incidents were covered up and kept classified by the Osean leadership.

A few days later, a ship of unknown origin was sighted near the Osean coastline. It launched recon UAVs to gather intelligence. Wardog was scrambled once again. This time, their orders were to destroy the drones, but did not fire on the ship. After shooting down all the drones, more MiGs attacked. Once again, Wardog shot all the MiGs down. Just after that, the ship fired a SAM at Nagase. Bartlett flew between her and the missile, which then followed him and totalled his F-4. Before bailing out, he told the other Wardog pilots to scramble the rescue chopper and have his spare plane ready. After he ejected, Thunderhead ordered them to return to base, rearm, refuel, and get airborne immediately, telling them, "The enemy just declared war on us!"

Circum-Pacifc War

The ODF then found itself in its first war since the restructuring, the Circum-Pacific War. The Union of Yuktobanian Republics declared war on September 27, 2010 and simultaneously launched an air raid on Port St. Hewlett, an Osean Maritime Defense Force port. With the help of Wardog and the pilots of VFA-206, the Yuke aircraft were stopped, and the ships at the port were able to break out and defeat a Yuke fleet.

The next battle took place the next morning. Yuke bombers and attackers, with fighter escorts, launched an attack on Sand Island Air Force Base, home of Wardog. The 3 pilots added a fourth pilot to their number in the middle of this battle when Airman 1st Class Hans Grimm took off with Bartlett's spare plane. Later in the fight, Lt. Col. Ford, who was assigned to take command of the Wardog Squadron, flew into the middle of the fray. Though warned that he couldn't land until the raid was over, he stubbornly continued to land on the runway, and was shot down and killed by a Yuke fighter. After this, Blaze became the squadron leader, and Wardog successfully shot down all the bombers.

The OMDF then attempted to meet up three aircraft carriers from the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet, the OFS Kestrel, OFS Buzzard and OFS Vulture. Every fighter available was sent to the Eaglin Straits to protect the carriers. Every thing appeared to be going well, but at the last second they were jumped by Yuke aircraft. After the planes were shot down, a Yuktobanian advanced submarine, the Scinfaxi, fired two burst missiles at the Osean aircraft carriers. All Osean aircraft in the area, except for Wardog, Captain Marcus Snow of VFA-206 and the other F-14A Tomcat, were destroyed, and the OFS Buzzard and OFS Vulture were both sunk.

This battle is followed by an attack at Basset Space Center and an attempt to capture Sand Island. Both were thwarted by Wardog. During the battle off the shore of Sand Island, the Scinfaxi reappeared, but with help from the Arkbird, Wardog was able to sink her.

After that, a C-5 Galaxy cargo plane, who was on a top secret mission, was damaged by an Osean Coastal Defense Force SAM, and Wardog had to guide it to a safe landing spot in a large field. They were attacked by Yuke fighters, but the fighters were shot down. After the C-5 landed safely, the 8492nd Squadron took over the protection of the aircraft.

On October 31, the ODF launches a counter-attack, landing troops on the Bostok Peninsula in Yuktobania. Wardog provided air support, and then after that they were sent to shoot down all cargo planes that were evacuating Yuke ground forces. During this mission, a nearby engineering college was attacked, and Wardog was called to Oured to be court martialed for killing the civilians.

The four pilots defended themselves, saying that it wasn't them. They also claim that it was the 8492nd Squadron. However, they are informed that there is "no squadron in our air force with that number". During the court martial, the Yuktobanian special forces launched two simultaneous terrorist attacks: attack Apito International Airport with assault teams, while chemical weapons are deployed inside the college town of Bana City.

The ODF continue to push deeper into Yuktobania. With Wardog's help, they capture Cruik Fortress and make the final push towards Cinigrad. Though they never manage to capture the Yuke capital, they never gave up, not even when their pillar of morale, the Wardog Squadron, is declared to be a group of Yuke spies.

In the latter days of the war, an Osean battle group discovers a Yuke fleet engaged with the OFS Kestrel battle group. The fleet they found was fighting alongside a few Yuke ships, so the captain of the Barbett believes that OFS Kestrel battle group had been siding with the Yukes, turning the ongoing Operation Glory Horn into a three-way fight. However, the entire nationalist Osean and Yuktobanian fleets were sunk, leaving Kestrel as the only carrier in the area.

At the end of the war, President Harling, who had been silently kidnapped, orders all ODF forces to cease combat with Yuktobania; Prime Minister Nikanor orders all Yuke forces to do the same and cease combat with Osea. They tell their militaries to turn their attentions to the real enemy, the Principality of Belka, who had caused the war. While some forces obeyed these orders, some did not. Those that did went to Sudentor in North Osea to assist the Ghosts of Razgriz in their attack on the Belkans. Those that disobeyed went to stop them. However, the Razgriz were able to destroy their target, the SOLG control system.

The next day, December 31, 2010, the Razgriz took off from a temporarily closed highway in Oured. Their target was the SOLG itself, which had descended into the atmosphere and was programmed to hit Oured after its control system was destroyed in Sudentor. The Razgriz were able to defeat the Ofnir and Grabacr Squadrons, who were protecting it, and then destroyed the SOLG, saving Oured. With that, the war ended.


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