The Osean Intelligence Agency (OIA), also known as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is an Osean intelligence bureau.


During the Belkan War, Amy Pitt was tasked with infiltrating the Belkan Air Force and continued operating after the coup d'état. In 1999, she was placed under Level 1 surveillance after a Belkan officer revealed she was a double agent.[1] The same year, the OIA's Advanced Weapons Analysis division observed sand carriers below Okchabursk. They suspected a new Super Scinfaxi-class submarine being in construction while observing the delivery of steel and weapons to the city. The division's report on the submarine was completed on March 27, 2000.[2]

In 2016, analyst David North tracked the movements of the Alicorn submarine until after its transfer to the Erusean Navy's reserve fleet in 2018.[3] On September 4, 2019, he contacted the Long Range Strategic Strike Group and took part in the briefing for Operation Sighthound.[4]



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