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The Osean Marine Corps[1] is an elite armed component of the Osean Maritime Defense Force focused on the toughest missions such as performing special operations and possibly combined-arms, along with amphibious assaults on hostile territories.


Circum-Pacific War

During the Circum-Pacific War, the Osean Marines served in high-risk operations in Yuktobania such as rescuing Osean prisoners of war and later, the rescue of Captain Kei Nagase and a crashed gunship crew in Glubina.

Later on, when the survivors of the Wardog Squadron were taken to the OFS Kestrel stationed in Kirwin Island, both Sea Goblin and Wardog, along with VFA-206 Captain Marcus Snow, rescued Osean President Vincent Harling from Belkan captivity. After the liberation of Harling, he turned both the Wardog survivors and Snow into his personal aerial squadron called Razgriz Squadron, along with the Kestrel crew and Sea Goblin, under his command.

They were crucial in ending the war; Sea Goblin transported Harling and Yuktobanian Prime Minister Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor, to Oured where the two of them hold a joint televised conference as they retook command of their governments, as well as their respective armed forces, and turned them towards pursuing the Belkan hard-line faction called the Grey Men.

Lighthouse War

The Marines were heavily deployed during the Lighthouse War. Sea Goblin was once again deployed on a rescue mission for former President Harling, with disastrous results. Later during the war, Basilisk Team was involved during an operation to take the strategic Erusean Air Force base in Cape Rainy. The Marines were also part of the Osean forces that landed on Tyler Island, although they were also unsuccessful in fully securing it before the war bogged down and Osean forces retreated.


Small arms

  • M16A2 (Assault Rifle)
  • M9 (Pistol)

Known Units


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