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The Osean Special Ops (presumably short for Osean Special Operations Forces) are an elite branch of the Osean Armed Forces, trained to perform high-risk operations that standard soldiers would be unable to perform. Special Ops only known operations are in the wake of the Belkan War.


Around the year 1996, the surviving members of the Osean Air Defense Force's Wizard Squadron planned to carry out an assassination on Osea's president. However, a member of the group, instead of following their plan, decided to leak information regarding the plot to the Osean government. The Wizard pilots' whereabouts were found, and during a stand-off, two pilots were killed by Special Ops, while the other three were arrested. During their imprisonment, Kevin Shore, Wizard number 7 revealed information that would later lead to the arrests of Wizard pilots Iosif Beletsky (who was suspected of being the mastermind behind the assassination plan) and the flight's leader, Joshua Bristow, who was suspected of being the leader and founder of a A World With No Boundaries, an insurgent group that arose sometime after the end of the Belkan War.[1]

Osean Special Ops also crossed paths with two other Belkan War pilots, both from the Belkan Gault Squadron. Egon Strauss, former Gault 5, led an attack on the OWC Communications Company, taking nine people hostage and demanding the release of 135 Belkan prisoners. After a thirty-eight hour standoff, Special Ops raided the building and shot and killed Strauss.[1]

Separately, Lorenz Riedel, former Gault 7, was investigated by Special Ops after he was reportedly seen in Oured.[1] Evidently they were not successful in finding him as he surfaced over a decade later in the Estovakian Civil War.[2]


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