The Osean War was an armed conflict between Osea and Belka that began in 1905 and ended in 1910. It was the first conflict in which aircraft were used in a combat role.[1][2]


In 1905, the Osean Federation's desire to expand its territory ultimately sparked the Osean War.[3]

Early on in the war, Belkan military official Franklin Göllnitz conceptualized using aircraft—until then only used for reconnaissance—for strategic bombing of enemy troops. Such bombing raids were devastating to the Oseans, who responded by joining the Belkans in the air.[1][2]

The Belkans quickly discovered that they could build more agile aircraft designed to control air superiority rather than bomb ground targets. The country had been ramping up its industrial production in the years prior to the war, allowing Belka to create new aircraft at a rapid pace during the war.[1][2]

Despite the superior power of the new Belkan Air Force, it is unclear which country ultimately prevailed.


The pilots in the Belkan Air Force came to be known as the "knights of the sky" during this conflict, a title that would last for at least a century.[1][2] The Belkan Air Force continued to expand in combat effectiveness, reaching its peak in 1995 during the Belkan War.[4] However, Belka would come to rely on its air force too heavily, which contributed to its defeat in the war.[1]

Many other countries around the world created their own air forces to match Belka's. As a result, many decisive battles have taken place in the sky, with many ace pilots making their mark on history.


  1. It is unclear if Osea formed an official air force in this war as Belka did.


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