"The winds of war have yet to reach here. The air still smells of peace."
Albert Genette during the Circum-Pacific War[2]

Oured is the capital of the Osean Federation. The city is located on the coast of Oured Bay at the mouth of the Yarrow River, near the tip of Osea's southeastern peninsula.[3]


The city is divided into six administrative districts: Burton, Glennon, Stockham, Lindsey, Reinhardt, and Eversole.[4] The city is home to the Osean presidential residence, Bright Hill,[4][5] and a major penitentiary, Oured Federal Prison.[6]


Early history[]

Oured appears in antiquated world maps, implying the city is centuries old.[7]

Over the course its history, Oured's population has steadily increased: after the end of the Belkan War in 1995, an undetermined number of fugitives from Belka and A World With No Boundaries fled prosecution and resettled in Oured, including Anthony Palmer[8] and Dominic Zubov.[9]

In the months prior to the impact of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid, Oured received an influx of Usean and Anean refugees attempting to escape the predicted damage area. The city accepted the highest number of refugees worldwide, well over 200,000 civilians.[10]

By 2009, the city's population had increased to 7.65 million.[4][11]

Circum-Pacific War[]

In late October 2010, President Vincent Harling took a sudden, unexplained leave of absence from the capital; during Harling's time away from Oured, Vice President Appelrouth assumed control of the government and escalated the nation's war effort.

In November, the Osean military command summoned Wardog Squadron to Oured for questioning, under suspicion of perpetrating an unauthorized attack on Yuktobanian civilians. The occurrence of the November 4 attacks within Eversole caused the Osean command to abandon the trial and send the Wardog pilots to contain one of two terror attacks committed by Yuktobanian special forces, allowing them to regain the trust of their superiors.[2]

Following his liberation from the Grey Men in December, President Harling returned to Oured to reclaim his position from the vice president.[12] On December 30, during a live press conference at Bright Hill, Harling and the Yuktobanian Prime Minister exposed the truth behind the war and ordered an immediate ceasefire to their respective countries.[5]


An Oured citizen jogging on the morning of December 31, 2010

On December 31, after the destruction of Gründer Industries' cross-border tunnel network in Sudentor, the Strategic Orbital Linear Gun descended into the atmosphere on a collision course with Oured. The falling satellite threatened to annihilate the city and its populous with the V2 warheads stored inside it. Oured was saved by the Razgriz Squadron, which intercepted and destroyed the satellite safely over Oured Bay.[1]

Lighthouse War[]

During the Lighthouse War, many Osean naval ports, including Oured's, were attacked by Erusea's drones. All aircraft carriers stationed were severely damaged.[13] The war also resulted in Oured suffering some supply shortages.[14]

On September 14, 2019, an anti-war demonstration took part in Oured, leading up to the anniversary of the end of the Continental War that took place on Usea; amidst the demonstrations, groups of people clashed. During Operation Fisherman, the rogue Erusean submarine Alicorn was able to fire a neutron-tipped shell at the city, but due to Osea jamming its terminal guidance and the intervention of ace pilot Trigger, the projectile missed. The crisis was ultimately averted when the Alicorn was sunk.[15]