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Oured Bay is a large body of water located in southeastern Osea. Oured, the capital of Osea, is a major port and metropolitan area on the bay's eastern coast; as such, the Osean Maritime Defense Force (OMDF) monitors seafaring traffic in and out of the bay.


Oured Bay is surrounded by Osea to the north, west, and south, and by the Kingdom of Sapin to the east; the bay empties into the Spring Sea to the southeast. The bay's northernmost inlet is connected to the Great Lakes by the Futuro Canal.[2]


On December 31, 2010, at the end of the Circum-Pacific War, the SOLG attack satellite fell from its orbit and descended across Oured Bay towards Oured. Razgriz Squadron was deployed to intercept the SOLG before it could hit the capital. The Razgriz subsequently engaged and shot down the Belkan aggressor squadrons Grabacr and Ofnir before destroying the satellite over the bay.[1]