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"As for existence of life not limited by the flesh, we were transformed. That is the "new human form". And, in human history, Dision was the first to be changed and born as a life without body. We welcome him as our "first leader" and will commence this revolution!"
― Closing statement of Ouroboros' proclamation

Ouroboros is the name of an underground terrorist organization formed sometime during the 2030s, and the group behind the Intercorporate War of 2040. They are a transhumanist group who believe that humanity can ascend to a new plane of existence by uploading their consciousness to the cyberspace known as the Electrosphere Network.


They were first discovered during the peak of hostilities between Neucom. and General Resource. At the time of their discovery, many believed GRDF ace pilot, Abyssal Dision to be the leader of the group; this was later confirmed during their proclamation to the world. Ouroboros specialized in information falsification, funding mismanagement, black operations and many other unethical activities.

Their main goal was to bring the world into a new digital era. Ouroboros saw the world in which people lived in as something that was perverting their humanity. The desires in which every person has/had were seen as something unneeded and were also holding back humanity from progressing even further. The revolution’s ultimate goal was to transfer the human race into the Electrosphere. By doing this, they believed that humanity would no longer be held back by any of these desires and worldly things that they craved. Although sounding absurd, Dision was already living in the Electrosphere for about ten years and was made the Ouroboros leader in 2040.

Though first thought of as a small faction, many soon realized that the Ouroboros were actually quite a sizable force. No one knew how they acquired their armaments and to this day it remains a mystery, but it is known that various military aircraft of an unheard of caliber were used by the Ouroboros. Many of these used advanced flight avionics, designs and weaponry which few or no military forces possessed at the time. This then caused many to believe that the Ouroboros ranks extended deep within many nation’s governments; there were even speculations that Ouroboros operatives were even inside the Neo United Nations and Universal Peace Enforcement Organization

This was confirmed when Gilbert Park, the UPEO Supreme Commander, was found helping the Ouroboros before and during the corporate conflict between Neucom and General Resource. He is thought to have supplied them with the UI-4053 Sphyrna, a large flying aircraft carrier which acted as the Ouroboros' headquarters.



F-22C Raptor II piloted by Nemo attacking the Ouroboros' airship Sphyrna.

Their revolution officially begun with an amazing feat. They had somehow scrambled information within the Electrosphere and caused an information overload, causing Neucom and General Resource systems to malfunction and forcing them to suspend operations. Then, Aldair Carlos Nascimento, the Executive Director of General Resource, died when a system controlling his artificial heart had ceased to function. Ouroboros then continued to manipulate information and resources in the UPEO, General Resource and Neucom causing them confusion.

This then allowed Gilbert Park to order an attack by UPEO pilots using Neucom aircraft, on General Resource's headquarters in Expo City, leading the two megacorporations into an intense conflict even worse than the Faith Park Dispute. While UPEO tried to prevent a full-scale war between the two megacorporations, Ouroboros openly hijacked the Electrosphere (something thought to be impossible, even in theory) and made their revolutionary proclamation to the world.

As their presence became known to the UPEO, General Resource, and Neucom, their operations began to intensify. After intense talks with the two megacorporations and the Neo United Nations, they made an alliance to defeat Ouroboros.

Back Into the Shadows[]

The battle of Megafloat was the largest direct conflict between the UPEO and the Ouroboros. Sphyrna and its escorts were destroyed; this was officially the last major action of the Ouroboros in 2040. Fighting continued as some Ouroboros elements escaped the Battle of Megafloat, then went on a warpath attacking anything in their way. Two super fighters which had escaped the Sphyrna were thought to be leading them; the UI-4054 Aurora flown by Abyssal Dision and the X-49 Night Raven, flown by Rena Hirose.

They were pursued into the Geofront; a large underground city deep beneath the Sea of Erusea. During the battle the Geofront was forcibly brought down in an attempt to destroy the Night Raven, but it escaped despite damage. The last of the Ouroboros fighters were destroyed during a battle over Port Edwards City, along with them fell the Night Raven. The UI-4054 Aurora was also sighted and engaged, but escaped soon after.

Despite having lost all of his fellow pilots, Dision continued to fight on and was finally destroyed by a UPEO pilot after both Aircraft were downloaded and engaged in the Electrosphere. Days after this last show of defiance to the world, the Ouroboros receded back into the shadows in which they came from.

Situation Unknown (?)[]


Ouroboros' UI-4054 Aurora

It is unclear if their activities have ended or if they are still operating in the shadows deep within governments, militaries or any other worldwide organizations. It is also unclear whether or not they will return to continue their digital revolution, but as their proclamation has stated, it is far from over.

Ouroboros' technological developments are beginning to surface in many fields of technology. An example of this is Neucom’s XR-900 Geopelia, a direct reproduction of - and Neucom's answer to - the General Resource's X-49 Night Raven, but was destroyed. Also, the In-Sa-Net Tele-Existence Program which allows the pilot to fly an aircraft without being in the aircraft at a distant location.


The following is a type-up of their proclamation in 2040:

"Our world is ruled by worldly desires that cling onto a spell called the flesh. We realized this just when the economic power of the pool of giant multinational corporations surpassed the old-generation power structure framed around the political and judicial institutions. However, the fact remains that the flesh is limiting to us, and it is hard to reject the control of worldly desires. Yes...That is because our lives are maintained by an environment that cannot get past the flesh, and we are bound by the usual desires: desire for food, desire for sex, desire for sleep. These are the necessary and basic things for maintaining life, and you must obtain them with money. As you would expect, our human race has never been completely free from this spell: mankind's limited world is that of the flesh, from which you are tied to your desires.

Many people still have misconceptions about our uprising. Our uprising comes about because that what people indeed value at regular intervals is nothing more than for friends to kill one another for the sake of mankind. Let me say this simply. The war we are currently waging against the armed forces of General Resource, Neucom, and UPEO is an entrance for a revolution that we desire...That's right. The true enemy to us is not the power behind General Resource, Neucom, and UPEO. When this revolution is complete, what we--- no, the entire mankind, will unearth is not this kind of power.

We already have the technology to take the entire human race beyond its limited world and made the preparations. Abandon your flesh bodies! This is a revolution to liberate life. Here and now, we shall declare. The computerization/sublimation of the entire human race - it is the one and only truth, that sublimation will make our lives progress to the next generation.

This technology is not a dream. As a proof, I shall show you one example. Dision. This man completely lost his body because of a scheme by General Resource ten years ago. Regardless, he is now indeed existing, living, in the electrosphere. Yes, by nature, we all possess "life", "soul", and "consciousness", and the human "will", comprised of the forces mentioned above, is not limited by the fragile existence of our flesh bodies. And, in this way, we have transmitted ourselves as knowledge since prehistory. Now we are not trying to turn back history. As for existence of life not limited by the flesh, we were transformed. That is the "new human form". And, in human history, Dision was the first to be changed and born as a life without body. We welcome him as our "first leader" and will commence this revolution!"

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Naval Vessels[]

  • Hydrofoil

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  • The organization takes its name from the Ouroboros or Uroborus, which is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or a dragon eating its own tail, evident in the organization's logo. The ouroborus is often seen as a symbol of eternity and the cycle of life, death and rebirth, which is mirrored by the organization's transhumanist goal of uploading the human consciousness to the Electrosphere, and its leader Dision transcending his physical death by being essentially reborn as an AI through this process.
  • Strangely, Ouroboros could be seen also as sponsors in some tennis courts in Namco's game "Roland Garros 2005", like also General Resources, Neucom and UPEO, giving a frightening shadow to the game.