"So they're fool enough to launch an attack on the Gyges. Shoot them down!"
― Gyges crew member[2]

The P-1114 Gyges were two Gyges-class aerial warships built during the Estovakian Civil War to support the P-1112 Aigaion. Their primary role is to provide covering fire via constant barrages of anti-air weaponry, including AA guns and SAMs. They are also noticeably swifter in movement compared to the Aigaion and Kottos class warships, letting them quickly get into defensive positions to provide anti-air support. Like the Aigaion, they fall under the jurisdiction of the Estovakian Navy and were built using technology provided by Belkan War veteran Lorenz Riedel.[1]


Both P-1114 Gyges units were developed during the Estovakian Civil War. However, they were not completed until after the war's end.[1]

Both Gyges units first joined the formation with the P-1112 Aigaion during the Emmeria-Estovakia War around the time of the Invasion of Gracemeria.[1] Throughout the war, both Gyges units continued to support the Aigaion until the Aerial Fleet was ambushed by the Republic of Emmeria Air Force and both units sunk into the Fuscum Sea, nearby the Glava Islands.[2]


  • Width: 486.45m
  • Length: 206.68m
  • Height: 43.61m[3]



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