"The Military Staff Committee has requested the creation of a pilot skills report for all pilots in each squadron. We need you to show off everything you can do and prove that we are the best pilots in the sky."
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Pilot Aptitude Test is a Special Raid mission in Ace Combat Infinity available at random to players during certain Online Co-Op Missions Ranking Tournaments. Players are tasked with proving their flying skills by clearing as many virtual rings over Tokyo as possible.


"Pilot Skills Test" / The Military Staff Committee has requested the immediate creation of a pilot skills report for all pilots in each squadron. Apparently, the same request has been sent to all non-military mercenaries and privateers. The results will be used in determining operational requests and budget moving forward. It's impressive that they think they can test us, but we also can't afford to show any weakness. Show off everything you can do and prove that we are the best pilots in the skies.


There are no enemy targets in this mission; the sole objective is for every player to fly through as many rings as possible. The rings spawn in three waves; the first wave has the fewest rings whereas the third wave has the most. Rings vary in point values from 300 to 500. Some rings are at ground level, forcing players to maneuver carefully between the city buildings.

S Rank

Acquiring an S Rank on this mission requires all rings to be cleared. This is easiest with 8 players, who can spread out and clear many rings simultaneously with other players to finish the mission quickly.


C or B Rank

You managed to fly through more than half the rings. That's a little lower than the target we set, but the higher-ups aren't going to shun us completely over this performance.

A Rank

You managed to fly through most of the rings. That should prove more than sufficient. The higher-ups will surely continue to rely on us going forward.

S Rank

You successfully flew through every single ring. We are likely to be inundated with operational requests as a result, so it is recommended that all pilots who took part in this exercise rest up well while they can.



  • The background music that plays during this mission is "Reprisal" from the Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Original Soundtrack, the same as Tokyo Martial Law.
  • Completing this mission awards the "Acrobatics" nickname and the "Pilot Skills Test - Medal of Honor" emblem.
  • The rings used in Pilot Aptitude Test are the same as those seen in Test Flight.
  • Outside of Test Flight, this is the only mission where the Infinity control tower, voiced by Matthew Mercer, is featured. This mission includes additional voiced lines related to ring completion.
  • Similar to Test Flight, clearing a ring will show "CLEARED" on the HUD rather than "DESTROYED". If a player is "targeting" a ring that gets cleared by another player, the HUD will display "CLEARED BY [PlayStation Network username]" rather than "DESTROYED BY [PSN username]".
  • Using an area-of-effect weapon such as the FAEB, MPBM, or LSWM can actually "clear" the rings if the rings are within the blast radius of the weapon. This bug does not occur with standard weaponry like missiles.[1]


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