This mission is not considered part of Strangereal canon, and therefore has no corresponding operation page. For the canon variant of this mission, see Rolling Thunder.
"...Are you our backup? Wow, that's a pretty small squadron..."
― Davis Unit Leader

Pinned Down is a campaign mission in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception. This mission becomes available if the player completes The Midnight Sun, which removes the threat of the Gleipnir's Shock Wave Ballistic Missiles. The player must defend the Davis Unit from enemy forces.


Eugene Solano: Allied ground forces are stranded at Stand Canyon. They are members of the Davis Unit who were en route to an assault on Santa Elva when they were cut off from the main force. The troops have already been surrounded by enemy forces and are taking heavy fire. There's no time to lose.

With the threat of a long range enemy attack passed, an allied air unit was deployed for rescue, but it doesn't look like the troops can hold out much longer. Try to hold back enemy forces until the rescue unit arrives. I believe it's our duty to protect the Davis Unit.


The goal of the mission is to defend the Davis Unit from all enemy forces. Damage suffered by the Davis Unit is displayed on the Multi-Purpose Gauge; if the gauge is filled up, the mission will end in failure.

At first, the main threat to the Davis unit is from tanks and AH-64s. Once three minutes pass, attacker aircraft escorted by MiG-21-93s appear and start attacking the Davis Unit. The attacker aircraft will continue to spawn for the rest of the mission. The mission will be completed if eight minutes pass.

Enemy Lists

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S Rank

To complete it with an S rank, the mission must be completed with the Davis Unit having suffered no damage from enemy attacks, and with a large number of all enemy forces destroyed before Aurelian reinforcements arrive. The main threats to the armored forces are tanks and AH-64 gunships; if there are destroyed at the beginning of the mission, the player may have enough time to eliminate a considerable number before the attack aircraft arrive at the 5-minute mark.


Eugene Solano: It appears that a rescue unit has successfully extract the stranded Davis Unit. Although the unit has suffered terrible losses, thankfully they've been saved from complete annihilation. Several aircraft parts have been discovered in the ruins of the enemy base. Head over to the hangar when you've got a chance.


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