Pobeda Peninsula is a large stretch of land located in northeastern Yuktobania, east of the Vladimir Mountains and southeast of Okchabursk. It is surrounded by the Fuscum Sea to the north and the Ceres Ocean to the east-southeast.


Located east of Yuktobania's northern highlands, the Pobeda Peninsula's western topography features numerous low-lying mountains and rugged foothills, which gradually give way to flatter, open expanses to the east. The peninsula's central region, which appears to be devoid of arboreal vegetation, is known to support a variety of shrubs and bushes.


Sometime before September 27, 2010, Yukobania's serving prime minister, Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor, was deposed by a coup of right-wing extremists.[2] Nikanor was subsequently imprisoned at Shtil Internment Camp[3] in the barren, isolated landscape of Pobeda Peninsula.

Nearly two months later, on December 23, the Yuktobanian resistance staged a daring rescue operation to free the captive prime minister. At 0705hrs that day, a resistance group raided the camp and extracted Nikanor before stealing away to nearby Krylo Airfield. Due to the efforts of the resistance forces and Razgriz Squadron, the operation was a success, and Nikanor's liberation would prove instrumental in ending the Circum-Pacific War.[1]


  • "Pobeda" is the Russian word for "victory".


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