Port Edwards is a port city northeastern Usea. Its main point of interest is its uniquely built airbase, which is operated by the Neucom Emergency Unit. By the 2040s, Port Edwards had become one of the largest cities on the continent.


Usean coup d'état[]

Near the end of the Usean coup d'état, Unified Command launched Operation Jewel Box, an operation aimed at taking back Port Edwards from Usean Rebel Forces, who were occupying four metropolitan areas. As Scarface Squadron engaged the rebels, the rebels launched multiple Gripen Cs. Ultimately, the Usean Allied Forces recaptured Port Edwards.[1]

Lighthouse War[]

On June 6, 2019, during the Lighthouse War, the Osean Defense Forces launched Operation Dice and engaged Erusean forces at Port Edwards. Ultimately, Osean forces sustained an attrition rate of 47%.[2]

Intercorporate War[]

Port Edwards AC3 (2)

Due to its population and overall size, Port Edwards is seen as a neutral area by Neucom Inc and General Resources LTD, It contained both of their primary company Head Offices. As its geography has it in the middle of Usea this was likely the reason for their placement here.

During the projected simulation of the corporate war between General Resources and Neucom, there were no major battles here in the lead up to the conflict and early in the war. However, in 2045, Port Edwards came under attack by the General Resource Defense Force (GRDF). After launching Operation: Hit and Run and destroying a massive Neucom Naval and Air Force at Megafloat, the GRDF then sought to strike Neucom's Head Office located here. They launched an attack, targeting all Neucom Facilities and the NEU Forces stationed there. The UPEO were slow to react to this attack. By the time UPEO fighters arrived in the area, the battle had been raging for sometime. Port Edwards suffered collateral damage from direct attacks on Neucom forces and buildings, and crashing aircraft from the battle.The UPEO did manage to defeat the GRDF attack and they withdrew.

Though Neucom and GR would not fight again over Port Edwards directly, the city would come under attack by a new force; Ouroboros. The terrorist group launched an attack on Port Edwards with a large strike force. Fortunately, the UPEO managed to repel the Ouroboros attack.

In one possible conclusion of the Intercorperate war, after the destruction of Megafloat; a group of unmanned XR-900 Geopelias were launched by Neucom Inc. The UPEO/GRDF dispatched the experienced Nemo in a response to this. Nemo was able to infiltrate the systems of one of the Geopelias, and in conjunction with Nemo's original aircraft, used both to destroy the other XR-900 units. This ended one project simulation of the future conflict.


Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere[]

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