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Port Edwards is a very large port city in Northeastern Usea, separated by a channel, to the city of St. Ark. Port Edwards. It has always been an area full of large metropolitan areas. By 2045, the multiple areas of Port Edwards formed into one gigantic city, which became one of the largest cities on the Usean Continent. The entire city was covered with living areas or other large city "Hubs", which acted as Social, Industrial and Information Centers. Because of the cramped living areas in some parts of Port Edwards, a large system of Highways was constructed high above the ground to help loosen up the flow of traffic. These highways, along with the large Hubs which they converged at, were a distinct feature, only seen in Port Edwards. Among other structures within the city are buildings served as a sort of power generating facility. Port Edwards also has a uniquely built Air Base, which is operated by Neucom Inc.'s Neucom Emergency Unit (NEU).

Operation Jewel Box

Near the end of the Usean Rebellion, Unified Command launched Operation Jewel Box, an operation aimed at taking back Port Edwards. Usean Rebel forces were occupying four Metropolitan areas with the vicinity of Port Edwards. As the Scarface Squadron engaged the Rebels, the Rebels launched multiple JAS-39 Gripens from highways near the cities, unexpectedly. The operation ended with the defeat of Rebel Forces and the liberation of Port Edwards.

Corporate War of 2045

Port Edwards AC3 (2)

Due to its population and overall size, Port Edwards is seen as a neutral area by Neucom Inc and General Resource LTD. Unlike Expo-City, there were little conflicts over or near Port Edwards during the turbulent 2040s. However, in 2045 during the Neucom-General Resource War (Ace Combat 03: Electrosphere), Port Edwards came under attack by the General Resource Defense Force (GRDF). After just launching Operation: Hit and Run and destroying a massive Neucom Naval and Air Force at Megafloat, the GRDF launched an Air Strike on Port Edwards, targeting all Neucom Facilities and the NEU Forces stationed there.

The UPEO were slow to react, due to the rapid succession of operations which the GRDF commenced and the two Corporate Forces met over the skies of Port Edwards. By the time UPEO fighters arrived in the area, the battle had been raging for sometime. Port Edwards had suffered heavy damage from Aerial Attacks and Aircraft which were shot down and fell onto the city. The UPEO managed to shoot down multiple aircraft and the battle finally ended.

Though the two Companies never fought over Port Edwards again, the city came under attack by a new force. The Ouroboros launched an attack on Port Edwards with a large strike force. Fortunately, the UPEO managed to repel the Ouroboros attack before any major damage was done to the city. However, after the end of the war an unexpected enemy appeared over Port Edwards. A Group of unmanned XR-900 Geopelias had launched from a Neucom Inc. Air Base, without any orders and began to attack the city. The UPEO/GRDF dispatched an experienced Pilot AI, known as Nemo in a response to this. The AI managed to hack into one of the XR-900s and used it to destroy the other aircraft. It is believed that this was an attack by the Ouroboros, but nothing has been confirmed... yet.

This was the final battle of Port Edwards in 2045.




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