Port Patterson is a large Aurelian Navy port on the western coast of Aurelia. It lies in close proximity to Aubrey Air Base and Puna Base to the north.

During the Aurelian War, Port Patterson was captured by the Leasath Naval Forces for a brief period. It was liberated with the help of Gryphus Squadron.


The port is surrounded by water to its southeast and mountains in all other directions. The port itself lies on flat land at the base of the mountains. A network of highways and tunnels through the mountains connects the port to the rest of Aurelia, particularly Kingshill.

Many ships can dock at Port Patterson, and an oil complex is also present for mass refueling. A vertical-lift bridge acts as the entrance to the port. A small air facility is also present, with a runway and multiple helipads.


Port Patterson does not have a known history outside of the Aurelian War. While Leasath managed a fast push through Aurelian territory, Port Patterson remained under Aurelian control for most of their initial strikes.[1]

As the tide of war began to turn in Aurelia's favor, the navy decided to gather many of its forces in Port Patterson to begin a counterattack. Leasath sent a fleet of its own to launch a preemptive strike and blockade the Aurelians, but Falco Squadron intervened and destroyed Leasath's fleet, allowing Aurelia's fleet to escape.[1] This fleet was later destroyed by the Gandr, which opened a path for Leasath's ground forces to capture Griswall and most of the rest of the country.[2] Port Patterson was lost to Leasath around this time.

Gryphus Squadron, which had begun to fight back against the Leasath forces, made their way to Port Patterson. They joined Aurelian Army Major Bergman in retaking the port by cutting off Leasath's supply shipments. A group of landing ships and their escorts were eliminated, giving Aurelia's ground troops an opening that they used to liberate the port.[3] Leasath's Miller Unit later attempted to retake Port Patterson, but Gryphus Squadron destroyed the unit and kept the port under Aurelian control.[4][5]




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