A fighter at Port Patterson's airspace.

Port Patterson is a large lagoon port used by the Aurelian Navy and the Leasath Navy (From October to December,2020 while occupied by the Leasath forces) which is located in the western coast of Aurelia, facing the Ceres Ocean. It is near to the Aubrey Air Force Base from the north. There is a full set of mountainous terrains surrounding the port. As a consequence of becoming valuable, Leasath Army had taken control the port from Aurelia during the war. The port entrance is located at a vertical-lift bridge. It has many ports, docks and berths to hold a large number of ships. It also contains a large oil complex. The oils that the facility stores are exports from Terminus Island. It also has a naval air facility that contains a small runway and a small numbers of helipads near the fuel facility.

Aurelian War: The Route to Santa Elva

Within 10 days of Leasath's invasion, 60% of Aurelia was under Leasath control. Port Patterson remained one of the few ports still under Aurelian control. As the tide of the war began to turn, Aurelia decided to launch a counterattack based around a fleet of warships in Port Patterson. However, the Leasath fleet tried to stop them. In the First Battle of Port Patterson, the Leasath fleet tried to stop the Aurelian fleet from leaving the port. However, Falco Squadron destroyed the Leasath fleet, allowing the Aurelian fleet to get through.

Throughout the war, Leasath Army had taken over the port for their own purposes as of their attempt to win over Aurelia. In operation Prelude in the afternoon, Aurelia planned to take back their own port from Leasath's hand. Gryphus One was assigned to make a surprise attack on Leasath amphibious fleet which tried to enter the port. The amphibious fleet was mostly consisted of landing ships that hold a large number of troops. The destruction of the Leasath amphibious fleet made an advantage for Major Bergman and his assault team. Then, Bergman's team began to make a counter-attack and liberate Port Patterson.

Later, the Miller Unit, a elite Leasath special forces unit, was deployed at Kingshill attempted to recapture Port Patterson. Gryphus One was sent to stop them (Last Line of Defense). The Miller Unit uses many incomplete highways to enter the tunnel entrances. Later, Miller Unit 3rd Artillery Division detected on the highways and Gryphus One also attacked the division. Gryphus One finally destroyed the Miller Unit and escort fighters and maintain Aurelia's control of Port Patterson.


  • There is in fact a real-world location named Port Patterson which is the name given to the largest settlement on the Carcass Island in the Falklands Archipeligo. However, this is most likely a coincidence.


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