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The Postler Squadron is a high-level air unit belonging to the Belkan Air Force. They saw action during the Belkan War. The squadron collaborated with the Schakal and Gabel air force units in the defense of Futuro Canal, which earned all three squadrons the collective moniker of the "Winds of Futuro".

Postler Squadron was feared amidst the Allied Forces as "The Whirlwind", due to their synchronized strikes to Allied forces in several fronts of the War.


Postler Squadron is known to have participated in several battles of the Belkan War, however their most known task was the defense of Futuro Canal from Allied Foces in the joint Osean/Ustian assault mission known as Offensive Campaign No. 4101. The Postler Team attacked warships of the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet during their advance through the Futuro Canal, and were attacked by the mercenary 66th Air Force Unit, being shot down in combat. Postler Squadron's defeat at the hands of the Galm Team marked the absolute destruction of the Winds of Futuro.


Karl Eckmann

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Karl Eckmann is the flight commander of the Postler Squadron. Shot down during Operation Costner. Now he is running a shipping company in the Principality of Belka.

Klaus Eckmann

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Second pilot of the Postler Squadron. Shot down during Offensive Campaign No. 4101 in an skirmish with the 66th AFU Galm. After the war, be began running a shipping company in Belkan with his brother, Karl.