"Kid, it has to be straight on, or the missiles won't make it inside, got it?"

Powder Keg is the twelfth mission of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. It is a choice-selected mission, which is unlocked by finishing Chain Reaction.


We have discovered the position of a secret facility in Yuktobania used to store ammunition. According to our information, the base is located deep in the jungles of Lake Dama. The facility is massive and contains enough ammunition to supply a Yuktobanian ground division for a week of combat operations. Destroy this stockpile and cut off their front-line ammunition supply. Note that we've been getting a lot of attacks from soldiers hiding in the dense jungles with shoulder-mounted SAMs. They are very hard to detect from the air, so stay heads up for sudden attacks from these missiles when flying at low altitude.


The mission's main objective is to destroy all tunnels. The tunnels are protected by soldiers with shoulder-mounted SAMs in addition to air support from enemy fighters. The mission ends when all tunnels are destroyed.

Enemy Lists[]

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S Rank[]

Achieving an S rank on this mission requires earning 10,000 points.[1]


The targeted ammunition stockpile facility was destroyed. With this operation we have cut off one of the lifelines of the Yuktobanian army. Their ability to conduct operations will be reduced across the entire nation.



  • One of five special hangars housing parts for the ADF-01 FALKEN can be found in this mission. The player can find it by following the river east from the spawn point. The hangar is guarded by a hidden SAM launcher and a MiG-29A Fulcrum. These units will not appear on radar unless they are approached by the player.
  • It is actually possible to attack and destroy the shoulder mounted SAMs. They can be tracked down by following the missile's trail and angle of firing, once destroyed the SAMs will explode like a regular target. This will result in both allies and enemies reacting to the loss.
  • It is also possible to destroy the tunnels without firing a missile straight into them, certain special weapons can destroy them without this requirement.