For the Ace Combat 2 mission, see Power Play (AC2).

"We got a city to protect here, men. If we lose, the rest of the Middle East will cave to their blackmail. We take them before they reach the city. Cleared to engage and destroy. Let's do it!"
William Bishop

Power Play is the sixth mission of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. It is set in the city of Dubai.


General Ivan Stagleishov's betrayal and the destruction of Carruth by a Weapon of Mass Destruction has led to Task Force 108 shifting operation away from East Africa. Stagleishov has announced his allegiance to a Russian crime syndicate known as Blatnoi, which provided SRN with weapons, aircraft and the WMD, now known as "Trinity". Blatnoi claims that they will destroy the city of Dubai with Trinity unless the international community can meet their demands. Warwolf Squadron has been assigned to the city in order to defend it from any potential attack.

Warwolf Squadron must engage enemy fighters in dog fights between the skyscrapers of the city and prevent a squadron of Tu-95 Bears from dropping their bombs over populated areas. The sixth and final bomber, which masked itself with a civilian identification marker, is detected just over the residential area and must not only be shot down, but continuously attacked until it breaks into pieces in order to minimize damage. By the end of the attack, no Trinity weapons were deployed.

Top Rank

Earning the top Clear Rank (S Rank in Japanese, A Rank in other languages) on this mission requires a total score of 2,000 or more.[1]


  • Very rarely, an enemy fighter being chased in Close Range Assault will lead the player through the opening in the Atlantis, The Palm hotel located in an island just off the mainland. Successfully clearing the gap will prompt Guts to break the fourth wall by commenting "Hey, this isn't Ace Combat!". But this doesn't always happen.


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