Power for Life is the 39th mission of the Japanese version of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere. It is the first mission along the Neucom (I) story arc. The player can only pilot the R-311 Remora in this mission.


General Resource have repeatedly attacked us despite the ceasefire status, and now we are launching our own attack on them. Sortie in the new high-altitude attacker, "Mobura". From there, launch with the parasite craft "Remora", and destroy the General Resource-affiliated White Valley Air Force Base.[1]



A pair of RF-12A2s are the primary targets. If the player takes longer than 4 minutes to shoot them down, the mission will end when the second one is destroyed.[2]

Mission Update

The second set of targets are four base buildings at the White Valley Air Force Base, alongside a pair of F/A-32Cs stationed there, one of which is piloted by Keith Bryan.

Numerous base facilities are present, particularly 3 oil tanks and 4 radar sites, which Cynthia Bridgitte Fitzgerald directs the player to destroy. If the player destroys them, the player will be awarded Mission Accomplished and the next mission will be Guardian Angel. If the player does not destroy them all, the mission will end with Mission Over and the next mission will be Zero Gravity.[2]

Enemy List

Section Unit Count Notes
Initial Icon-AirTGT RF-12A2 2
Mission Update Icon-AirTGT F/A-32C 2 [note 1]
Icon-GroundTGT BASE 4 [note 1]
Icon-AirEnemy F/A-32C 2 [note 1]
Icon-GroundEnemy GUN 4 [note 1]
Icon-GroundEnemy MSSL 2 [note 1]
Icon-GroundEnemy OILTANK 3 [note 1] [note 2]
Icon-GroundEnemy RADARSITE 4 [note 1][note 2]


A Rank

Earning an A Rank on this mission requires that the player destroy at least 21 targets, including all 3 oil tanks and all 4 radar sites.[2]


We successfully destroyed the White Valley Air Base.[1]


  • The mission's briefing lists the two primary target aircraft over White Valley Air Base as XFA-36As, but they are instead F/A-32Cs. Furthermore, there are no XFA-36As in the mission at all.[1]


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