Project Nagase

The "modern" Nagase posing with the 19th Task Force logo

Project Nagase is the name of an official blog page hosted by Project Aces, serving as a news source for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. It was created on the May 18th 2011 at the site The blog's mascot is a modern reimagining of the recurring character Kei Nagase, who appears wearing a black flight suit with a "fingerless" design and a flight harness, which is adorned with the roundel of a "19th Task Force" (see below) on the shoulders.

Each blog post is signed at the end with Nagase in an "akimbo" (hands on hips) pose, with her facial expression changing according to the post's nature (for example, a post with an important announcement will have Kei posing with a confident smile, while an "in-character" type post will end with an annoyed-looking Nagase.)

The blog was last updated on February 28, 2013, with the latest post dated back to February 14.[1]

19th Task Force

19th Task Force ACES

The logo of the 19th Task Force.

Project Nagase's avatar is the roundel of a "19th Task Force", which consists of a winged skull and a trio of crossed swords facing downwards, alongside a red trim. Though the unit itself doesn't appear in the missions of any current Ace Combat games, the roundel does appear on the ASF-X Shinden II 3rd paint scheme in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. It also should be noted that in Air Combat 22 the player squadron is called the "AF19th ACES".


Nagase expressions



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