Question Block
Super Star
The Question Block is a special destructible item featured exclusively in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy +. Destroying them unlocks special themed aircraft for immediate use after the mission.


If a mission contains a Question Block, it is noted by a Question Block sitting next to the difficulty at the top-right of the top screen in the mission selection. Shooting at the Question Block "destroys it" and plays an animation where a Super Star jumps out and spins around, similar to Mario games.

After the in-mission Question Block is destroyed and the aircraft collected, a medal in the shape of a Super Star will replace the Question Block in the mission selection to inform the player that the Question Block there has already been collected. The Question Block will not spawn again in missions where it was collected. Depending on the Question Block collected, the respective aircraft and all of its special weapons will be unlocked in the mission debriefing.

If the player scans the respective amiibos for any of the Question Block aircraft, their Question Block will be automatically considered collected and will not spawn in its mission.

All Campaign playthroughs in Legacy + feature the Question Blocks. However, the player can choose to disable Question Blocks for their first playthrough, but only the first one.

List of Question Blocks

The list of missions that feature a Question Block as well as the aircraft they unlock is as follows:

# Mission Unlocks Location
01 City On Fire Typhoon <PEACH> Near the first targets near the spawn point
02 Cuckoo's Nest F/A-18E <DONKEY KONG> Over the large southeast lake; south of the 2nd C-17A
03 One Night Stand F-35 <LUIGI> Before the third fork in the canyon
04 Toy Box A-10A <BOWSER> Above the rocket carrying the final anti-asteroid laser
05 Final Countdown PAK FA <PAC-MAN> Over the south mountain range when Albireo appears
06 Fighter's Honor F-22 <MARIO> Above the fortress when the tunnel entrance opens up


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