The Rán Fleet was the Erusean Royal Navy's reserve fleet.[1] Following the loss of the Njord Fleet and the defection of the Alicorn, Erusea began gathering its remaining ships and assembled the Rán Fleet to bolster their naval power.


Following the defection of the Captain Matias Torres and the Alicorn on September 4, 2019,[2] the Erusean Royal Navy began gathering nearby ships at Anchorhead Bay.[3]

On September 10, the Long Range Strategic Strike Group carried out a raid on Anchor Bay and sunk the Rán Fleet vessels stationed there. The remaining vessels from the fleet that were on a training exercise later returned to defend Anchorhead, but were also sunk.[3]

Named Vessels

  • Admiral Gorshkov-class frigates (fictional Aegis configuration)
    • Ceto
    • Metis
    • Thalassa
  • Kirov-class Battle cruiser
    • Dysnomia
  • Slava-class Cruiser
    • Eirene
    • Enyo
    • Eris
  • Udaloy II-class Destroyer
    • Aphaiah
    • Calypso



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