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The R-311 Remora is a stratosphere-level fighter craft developed by Neucom Incorporated.


The R-311 was first built as a Neucom counterpart to the General Resource-built RF-12A2 Blackbird. The Remora was primarily utilized as a blitz attack craft; they were generally flown in by R-531 Mobura extreme-altitude transport craft before being jettisoned above hostile territory. They would then blitz attack areas, destroying anything they could. Upon completion of their mission, they would reattach to Mobura aircraft. The Remora's low weight allowed it to be carried by Mobura (thus making the Remora a parasite aircraft). In order to stay airborne in the stratosphere, the Remora craft have an emphasis on speed; however, their mobility suffers because of it (though they are slightly more agile than their rival Blackbird craft).


The R-311 saw limited action in the Intercorporate War. Their most notable appearance was they attacking General Resource's air base at the White Valley region. The success of the operation depended on Nemo's allegiance at the time. Cynthia Fitzgerald of the Neucom Emergency Unit owned a personalized Remora, codenamed R-311-C, albeit it was not used frequently.

Game Analysis[]

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere[]

"A quick and nimble aircraft which had all features from conventional craft deemed unnecessary removed. It was developed with the purpose of maximizing accomplishments in a short amount of time. The extremely high power is achieved by significantly reducing wing area and decreasing its weapon payload. Since it is quite a lightweight craft, it has good turn and climbing characteristics. However, since it abandoned any long-range cruising capability, it uses the R-531 Mobura as a mothership which carries it to the combat airspace and then launches it."
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - Namco Official Guide Book

How to Unlock

  • Japanese version: This aircraft is only usable in "Power for Life".
  • International version: This aircraft is not available to the player.


Power: 100
Attack: 50
Defense: 10
Stability: 10
Mobility: 50


  • Width: 5.82 m
  • Length: 14.88 m
  • Height: 1.80 m
  • Weight: 5,105 kg
  • Max Speed: 5,068 km/h
  • Armor: Light
  • Class: Strato Fighter



  • Remora is the name for a symbiotic fish that attaches itself to the bodies of larger fish such as sharks and manta rays and cleanses their body of bacteria. The name of the aircraft is appropriate, considering that the Remora is a parasite fighter carried by Moburas.
  • The R-311 Remora resembles the anti-grav racers used in the Wipeout series of video games.

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