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"A space shuttle used in the past that had been upgraded. Packed with Neucom's latest technology, it has high technical specifications."
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - Namco Official Guide Book

The R-808 Phoca is a Neucom space shuttle which is exclusively used as a transport & research vehicle.


In 2045, an R-808 Phoca was launched during an attack on the Riass Space Center in the Comona Islands to recon four suspicious General Resource LTD. (GR) Satellites. As the R-808 re-entered the Atmosphere a day later, a GR interceptor group was sent to shoot down the R-808, but failed and were destroyed. The Phoca had brought back evidence that the four GR satellites were not normal satellites but Orbital Satellite Lasers capable of firing at any target on the planet's surface. A day later, Neucom sent its prototype spacecraft, specifically the R-352 Sepia, into space to destroy these satellites before they became operational.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

How to Unlock

The R-808 is not available to the player in this game.


  • Length: 29.74 meters
  • Diameter: 15.96 meters
  • Height: 5.51 meters
  • Weight: 72,310kg
  • Max speed: 28,000 km/h



  • Like many other Neucom R-Series aircraft, the name of this craft is a genus of animal; in this case, Phoca is a genus of the earless seals, consisting of two member species: the common seal and the spotted seal.


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