"Ace Combat: The Belkan War Espada Aircraft. A heavy command cruiser escort, this fighter's improved turning ability places it at the pinnacle of air combat. Despite a decrease in speed performance, its light and quick movement ensure its dominance over the enemy. The Sapin Air Force 9th Air and Land Division, 11th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Espada. This squadron has fought countless battles as they evolved from a group of mercenaries to members of the terrorist group "A World With No Boundaries"."

The Rafale M -ESPADA- is a downloadable aircraft in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. It was released in July 24, 2008 with DLC Pack #10, at zero cost. It is set to return in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown as part of the Original Aircraft Series in fall 2020.


The final aircraft of the Ace Combat Zero line, the ESPADA Rafale M is based on the one flown by Marcela "Macarena" Vasquez, the second pilot of the Sapin Air Force's Espada Team. The plane is given a gray paint coating with red and yellow stripes running across the wingtips. The Sapin coat of arms can be seen in both wings, while the Espada team's emblem is located in the vertical stabilizer. The tailcode "ES 507" can be seen there as well.

The ESPADA Rafale's air-to-air capabilities have been given a large upgrade. Mobility, in the other hand has been upgraded to near-max levels. In exchange, however, speed and stability have suffered a low decrease. The plane's weapons capacity remains unaffected.


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