"Now we show the power of the Varcolac Squadron."
Milosz Sulejmani

Raging Sea is the eleventh mission of Ace Combat: Joint Assault.


Burford: IUPF intel across the Mediterranean has been reporting attacks coming from the ocean. Intel suggests the Valahia are using an unknown port somewhere in the Croatian Adriatic Sea. The Valahia are using this port to launch guerilla raids by ship and submarine across the Mediterranean. The attack on London draws near, but IUPF Command has now ordered Antares to handle this port. Hostile fighter squadrons are also confirmed in the area. Select your arms to attack both air and sea. Wipe out all hostile forces in the Adriatic Sea!


Clear the mission within 3 minutes 30 seconds or less

Named Aces

  • Icebreaker Kraken - docked at the harbor among several other ships after the mission update


Burford: Hostile forces in the area have been wiped out. This should bring a halt to the submarine raids. But the issue is still Sulejmani and his men...This "Varcolac Squadron". We knew they would pose this big a threat. But I still believe you can defeat them. You have the skills to invoke fear in them, the next time you meet.