"A message to all the Estovakians out there. Don't be too disappointed once we shoot down all your toys!"
Zed Waters

"Ragno Fortress"[b] is the tenth campaign mission in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. The player must help their allies retake Ragno Fortress.


East of Central Anea lies Ragno Fortress in Grageo Canyon. Our fortress there is still under Estovakian control. Substations for a giant dam and military tunnels line the area near the fortress. Those places act as an extra means of defense for an already high security area. Now that we've destroyed the enemy's heavy command cruiser, we're on our way east towards Gracemeria. But the only route for our heavy deployment of ground forces to travel on passes through Grageo canyon, and Ragno Fortress is Estovakia's trump card for keeping us out of Gracemeria. If we can recapture that fortress, it's smooth sailing to Gracemeria from there. Eliminate the Estovakian unit there and recapture Ragno Fortress! The battle is tipping in our favor. All planes, let's get ready.



The player will have three operations to participate in, and they must complete two operations in order to advance the mission.

(A) Central Assault Unit Support
Warlock will advance towards Ragno Fortress. The player must defend Warlock and destroy all TGTs, including Harriers and Howitzers.
(B) Substation Assault
Windhover Squadron will be attacking the substations and the supply routes on the water. The player must defend Windhover and destroy all TGTs, including the substations and the ships.
(C) Tunnel Assault
Yellow Jacket will be attacking the tunnels at Ragno Fortress. The player must fly through the tunnels and destroy all TGTs.

Mission Update[]

After two operations are completed, the next objective is to attack Ragno Fortress itself and destroy all TGTs.

Enemy Lists[]

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S Rank[]

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Earning an S rank on this mission requires earning an average rank of S on the individual operations and the Mission Update. The S rank requirements for each stage are as follows:[1]

  • Operation A: 13,000+ points
  • Operation B: 11,500+ points
  • Operation C: 13,700+ points
  • Mission Update: 16,600+ points


Although it's often been called impregnable, we have taken over Ragno Fortress. Estovakia's just lost all their trump cards. No one can stop us now. All that's left is to take over Gracemeria.


  • There are no allied SAMs or AA guns in this mission.
  • This is the only mission to feature the Harrier aircraft as an enemy TGT.
  • The Harriers(TGT) that do the surprise attack from the canyons against the Emmerian forces of the "Central assault unit operation", can be actually shot down before they even show up on radar... they can be found In the two nearest canyons Waiting in their Hovering mode...
  • If you Shoot down the Harriers(TGT) Of the "Central Assault unit Operation" before they show up on radar, then you won't be able to finish the operation because of a bug... you can destroy all the last remaining TGT's but the game doesn't make you win the operation(But it won't fail Either) so you will be obliged to succesfully do the Other two in order to be able to complete the mission
  • The allied UH-9's attacking the tunnel shutters use only machine guns but don't do any damage.
  • The obstacles(yellow marks) hanging from the ceiling of the tunnels can be destroyed with any kind of weapon... they are classified as "CRANE" and you get 150 Points for each Obstacle destroyed.
  • The enemy F-15E's flying through the canyon in Windhover's Operation(B) are scripted to fly in a certain way. They will not evade missiles on their own will so they are vulnerable from behind but they will fire upon the player if he/she flies directly in front of them.
  • Once the player's objectives are updated to assault the fortress, 4 Mirage 2000-5s will engage all enemies in the fortress (Air and Ground units) at their own will.
  • It is impossible to fail Yellow Jacket's Operation (C).


  1. Steel Penetrates the Canyon (鋼鉄は大峡谷を貫く)
  2. Ragno Fortress Breakthrough (ラグノ要塞突破)