The Battle of Ortara was a battle of the Anean Continental War. Ortara is a port city in south-western Emmeria, and was taken by Estovakia forces during their initial push into Emmeria at the beginning of the war. In the battle, Emmerian forces that had just successfully retaken Khesed Island made an amphibious invasion to retake the city.

The Battle

On January 26, 2016, Emmerian troops from Khesed attacked Ortara and the area around in order to establish a foothold on the Anean mainland, and from there push the Estovakians back within their own borders. There were three parts to this mission. Warlock Separate Battalion, after being taken to shore by landing craft, attacked the main Estovakian ground forces. Quox Armored Battalion, also taken to shore by landing craft, invaded Ortara itself. After the city was taken, Yellow Jacket, a helicopter unit, was tasked with landing troops at the air base so that it could be retaken. The Republic of Emmeria Navy sent a fleet led by the Marigold to attack the Estovakian fleet and port facilities. Republic of Emmeria Air Force units provided air support.

Initially, the battle went well for Emmeria. However, Estovakia sent in reinforcements which included ground and air units. However, all of the reinforcements were destroyed, and Ortara was liberated.


The re-capture of Ortara was a vital step in the war. After Ortara was liberated, Emmerian forces pushed onward and drove the Estovakians out of their country. Ortara did not see anymore of the fighting.

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