"I think... I see the Reaper coming for me."
― An unnamed man
"Ace Combat Infinity"
― {{{4}}}
Reaper was the callsign of a fighter pilot working under Arrows Air Defense and Security. He was the fourth pilot of the Bone Arrow Squadron.


The history of Reaper prior to joining Arrows Security is unknown. However, dialogue between Viper and Goodfellow implies that another pilot had taken his position as Bone Arrow 4, who died after the latter "pushed him too far".

Reaper joined Arrows at some point prior to May 2019, and was drafted into Bone Arrow. His first combat action was the interception of MQ-90 drones over Tokyo with the aid of Omega, and latter followed the rest of the squadron on a secret operation over Comona Base. At some point, he gained notoriety on the battlefield as a merciless fighter.

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