Reconnaissance is the thirteenth mission of Air Combat.

The coup forces have found a way to continue supplying fuel, despite the loss of their oil refineries some time before, hence allied command has started reconnaissance operations to find any undetected fuel refineries. The player is dispatched to a northern desert region on a recon mission to identify and destroy any important ground facilities in the region. Despite the mission's nature, the player is fully authorized to silence any enemy patrol they come across during their task.


"Despite the elimination of all fuel refineries, the enemy continues to conduct operations. You are assigned to recon for undetected fuel supplies. Although this is just recon, engage and eliminate any opposition patrols. Good hunting!"



  • 4x RAH-66 (Hard Mode only) - $40,000
  • 2x YF-23 - $200,000
  • 2x F-15 - $80,000
  • 1x Ground - $800,000



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