Recta (レクタ) is a landlocked country located in eastern Osea. Recta is bordered by Belka to the northwest, Gebet to the north, Wielvakia to the east, Ratio to the south, and Ustio to the west. Its capital, Cor, is located near the nation's eastern border with Wielvakia.


Recta was originally an eastern territory of the Belkan Federation. In the early 1970s, a number of pro-democratic riots erupted in Recta, which eventually led to Belkan military intervention. The Rectan Liberation Front (a pro-democracy militant group acting as Recta's army) and the highly skilled Rectan Air Force managed to force the Belkans into a stalemate. In 1973, after several years of gridlock, the Belkan Air Force's Silber Team broke the stalemate and led Belka to victory, suppressing the movement.[2]

In the late 1980s, at the height of Belka's economic crisis, Belka allowed its eastern territories to secede in an attempt to stabilize the national economy. The northeastern territory, which encompassed Recta, seceded on February 8, 1988. Contemporary Recta separated from what would later become Gebet following the territorial reformation on December 16, 1991; the new capital was established in the city of Cor.[3]


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