The Rectan Conflict (レクタ紛争) was an armed internal dispute between Belka and its eastern territory, Recta, in the 1970s. The Rectan Liberation Front acted as Recta's armed forces against Belka's military. After an indeterminate period of fighting, Belka captured the city of Cor and neutralized the Rectan Liberation Front.


In the early 1970s, a number of pro-democratic riots erupted in Recta, which eventually led to Belkan military intervention.[1][2]

The Rectan Air Force was notable for having fewer pilots than most east Osean territories, but the Rectan pilots were highly skilled. The Belkan Air Force, unfamiliar to such resistance, suffered heavy losses early in the war. The two forces soon became stalemated, both on the ground and in the air.[2]

In 1973, Dietrich Kellerman and the Silber Team entered the conflict. Kellerman led his squadron to gain air superiority over the Mainz Mountains, where Rectan forces previously had the upper hand. This broke the stalemate, opening a path for the Belkan ground troops to invade and occupy Cor,[3] the headquarters of the Rectan Liberation Front. Belka declared total victory soon afterward, maintaining control over the region. Kellerman received the title "Hero of Mainz" for his efforts.[2][4]


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